After 10 years of serving the Toriphile community, The Dent announces it's retirement

It is with great sadness that I make the following announcement. After 10 years of proudly serving the Tori community, The Dent will be retired on May 5, 2006. After that date, The Dent will no longer be updated, but will remain indefinitely on the same server at for archival and research purposes. This announcement will explain some of my reasons for closing The Dent and will also give more details about the closure. While the end of The Dent will be a sad event for many of you, I do want to mention at the end of this announcement the fact that some trusted friends of mine are beginning a brand new Tori news and information site that will keep fans updated on the latest Tori news. While I will not be in charge of that new web site, I will be endorsing it and suggesting that Dent readers check it out. But first of all, I want to explain the closing of The Dent. Click the details link for more about this...

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