Pretty Good Years ~ようやく届いたようで。

Undented の記事より。


「Pretty Good Years」が届いたそうです。


Pretty Good Years has finally been released. I was tentative in my hopefulness when I got a message from Amazon saying my order had shipped, but yes indeed, it really did arrive. I have no idea why the publisher told us the book was back-ordered and would be available in August (they still don’t have a release date listed on their own site).


This is Undented’s overview of the book.


Pretty Good Years threads Tori’s life story through the landscape and creation of her various albums. Even the chapter titles—“Tori’s Strength,” “Glory Of The Nineties,” “Covers Girl”—reflect the album period each covers. The book seems to be quite thorough, though there are the inevitable errors in places. But that’s not so surprising, considering the scope that the author was working with, the vast amounts of background research he was obviously juggling to put it all together. While most of the book will not reveal anything new to the most ardent of fans, it is a highly enjoyable read, very well-written and entertaining.


The book is 215 pages, but the actual bio ends on page 134. Pages 135-215 comprise an extensive end section containing such things as an exhaustive discography going so far as to list every song Tori has performed live (categorized by name of original artist); every Tori song that other artists, however obscure, have covered (such as B.D Wong’s performance of Leather in the TV series, Oz); every album Tori has guested on; an impressive 10-page bibliography. There are also the requisite footnotes and an alphabetical index.


A center section contains 8 glossy pages of photos, some color, some B&W. Most are live or [familiar] promo shots.