Fade To Red - Release!!








TORI'S FADE TO RED VIDEO COLLECTION! Spanning 1991-2005, Fade To Red is a look at the unique and compelling videos that have been so integral to Tori's creative vision. This 2 disc DVD set includes 21 videos as well as bonus features like behind the scenes footage and a comprehensive audio commentary by Tori, an insightful discourse into the making of her videos. Remastered in 5.1 Surround sound this is an audio and visual treat for all Tori fans.

Fade To Red Includes:  Crucify  Jackie's Strength  A Sorta Fairytale  Winter  Spark  Sleeps With Butterflies  Cornflake Girl (U.S. Version)  Hey Jupiter  Silent All These Years  Caught a Lite Sneeze  1000 Oceans  God  Bliss  China  Raspberry Swirl  Talula  Sweet The Sting  Pretty Good Year  Professional Widow (Remix)  Cornflake Girl (U.K. Version)





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